The company provides enterprise management of the extraction of coal in the Russian Federation
VostokСoal has projects in Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts


  • Krasnoyarsk Territoty (Taymyr coal basin)
  • Primorsk Tettitory
  • Amur Region
  • Republic of Buryatia

Development strategy

The VostokCoal company manages the construction process of Severomuysky Tunnel-2. It is the largest railway infrastructure project in Russia. 

VostokCoal’s development of one of the world’s largest Taimyr coal basin, rich in particularly valuable coal ranks, including anthracites. Development of the Taimyr coal basin foresees creation of one of the Russian largest center of high-quality coal production.

Since 2018, VostokCoal manages two major projects in the Russian Far East: construction of Port Vera coal terminal in Primorsk Territory and development of Sugodinsko-Ogodginskoye coal field in Amur Region.

The total resource base of Far Eastern and Arctic projects of the company exceeds 2.5 billion tons. Their successful implementation will create new industrial centers and jobs, and increase the investment attractiveness of strategically important for the country regions.

Currently company's portfolio includes successful launch of Kiyzassky open pit mine in Kemerovo Region and the Vostochny open pit mine in Novosibirsk Region. Both enterprises were launched in the record – breaking time, immediately reached high growth rates and took the leading positions in terms of production volumes in their regions.