Maintaining the Russian presence in the Arctic and developing its vast natural resources, the region infrastructure and transportation are strategic priorities of the Russian Federation

Development of the Arctic

The Russian Arctic located behind the Polar Circle is a unique base for further development of the mining and transport industries. The inferred resources of coal in the Russian Arctic exceed 500 Bn. tons. Besides, the Northern Sea Route can make Russia the leader in sea transportation.

Arctic Passage

The Northern Sea Route is not only the main seaway in the Russian Artic, but also the prime driver of the regional economy. Increasing cargo turnover through the Northern Sea Route will both stimulate business activities behind the Polar Circle and develop the important transportation route.

VostokCoal plants to construct  the sea deepwater port "Chayka". Company plans to build another deepwater port - "Bukhta Sever". In total, these ports will be able to handle quantities exceeding 30 million tons of coal a year. After developing the port and loading infrastructure, shipment costs at the main seaway in the Russian Arctic will decrease significantly.