Taymyr Peninsula is the future of the Russian coal mining. «VostokCoal-Diskon» conducts exploration works at its license sites of high-rank anthracite

In the framework of the Russian President May decree implementation aimed to increase the freight traffic along the Northern Sea Route up to 80 million tons by 2024, VostokCoal plans to ensure production and transportation via NSR up to 20 million tons of coal in 2024.

Exploration works in frame of the exploration licenses  and preparation for the start of production VostokCoal has been carrying out since 2016. Two fields have been discovered, production licenses have been obtained, launch of production is scheduled for 2019.

The Malolemberovskycoal fieldwas discovered in December 2016. In 2017 an exploration and production license was obtained. Approved reserves - 2 million tons, categories C1, C2, coal grades A and T.

At the end of 2018, the Nizhnelemberovsky coal fieldwas discovered. Its total approved reserves are 67 million tons. The commencement of commercial development is scheduled for the end of 2019 after securing the initial permit documentation.

In 2019 an exploration and production license was obtained for the Lemberovsky site bordering the Nizhnelemberovsky coal field on a competitive basis. The license allows exploration with an associated production. The license is valid until 2044. The site is promising for development. It’s located near the seashore, where the construction of a coal terminal is planned.

During the summer navigation of 2019, the delivery of equipment and diesel fuel will start as well as mobilization of contracting organizations which will carry out exploration works at Lemberovsky site, areas adjacent to it and the Nizhnelemberovsky coal field.

Mined coal will be exported through the own coal terminals. During the winter navigation Atomflot icebreaker assistance will be used.