«Port «Vera»

Use of modern technologies in construction and further operation of the coal terminal excludes negative impact on the environment

"Port "Vera" coal terminal is located in Primorsk Territory in the vicinity of Cape Otkryty. Designed capacity of 20 mtpa will be reached in 2022.

Up to date, all the necessary design and estimate documentation has been developed, a positive conclusion of General Board of State Expert Review as well as a construction permit obtained. Construction of the terminal has already started.

"Port "Vera" is located at a considerable distance from any settlements. Terrain is surrounded by natural obstacles that prevent any spread of dust suspension. The project provides a whole range of modern technological solutions that ensure environmental safety. It’s aspiration air purification systems and dust suppression systems at all indoor facilities and equipment, water dust suppression systems in places of open overload, light water mist generation systems, which allow attracting dust during machines operation, closed conveyors, multi-stage units for separate cleaning of each type of waste, the installation of 20-meter wind barriers is provided along the entire perimeter of storage areas.

The terminal is mainly oriented on handling coal of the Sugodinsko-Ogodginskoye field, but will be also used by other Russian exporters.