Vostochny anthracite open pit mine

Anthracite is a unique hi-end raw material, the best rank of coal
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Reserves of C1 +C2 categories
182 Mn. tons of anthracite
SG, HG and UHG anthracite
1,17 Mn. tons in 2016, 4,04 Mn. tons in 2017.

VostokCoal started development of Vostochny anthracite open pit mine in 2015. In 2016, the company started to produce anthracite. In 2016, the company commissioned the Vostochnaya railway station with the throughput capacity of up to 5 million tons.

In May 2018, Vostochny anthracite open pit mine signed an agreement on cooperation with the West Siberian Railway to create new and develop existing transport infrastructure. The implementation of the agreement will expand the railway's throughput capacity. It will help to realize the company's investment program aimed to increase the production of anthracite up to 10 million tons by 2020. Development of coal mining in the region will in turn increase the number of jobs and well-being of the region.