All launched by VostokCoal enterprises rapidly gain the lead in terms of production volumes and payed taxes in their regions

VostokCoal Management Company

VostokCoal Management Company was founded in 2012. Key area of activity is development of startups. In 2014 the company launched Kiyzassky open pit mine, in 2015 it launched Vostochny open pit mine.

In 2019 will start coal production in Arctic (Western part of Taimyr peninsula) and on Sugodinsko-Ogodginskoye field in Amur Region. The first phase of coal terminal Port Vera (Primorsk Territory) built by VostokCoal will be launched in the current year.

Construction of the ‘Severomuysky Tunnel-2’ will begin within a year and take five years to complete.


VostokСoal has projects in Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts


  • Krasnoyarsk Territoty (Taymyr coal basin)
  • Primorsk Tettitory
  • Amur Region
  • Republic of Buryatia

Innovative Center

We created an innovative Situation Analysis Center for the most efficient management of the companies included to the VostokCoal

Establishment of the Situation Analysis Center enabled consolidation of all the strategy and operations management instruments to steer the activity of UK VostokUgol. The Center was created to support management decision making in various directions of the holding activities on the basis of realtime structured information and to enable operational cooperation with remote subdivision and facilities. 

Basic Capabilities

  • The main capabilities of the Situation Analysis Center's information system are as follows:
  • Analysis and visualization of statistical information reflecting the scope of the economic activity for each mining site (output, logistics, economics, fulfillment of subsurface management conditions);
  • Traffic monitoring of vessels and aircraft;
  • Demonstration of high-resolution space images necessary for evaluation of infrastructural and natural specifics in a particular area;
  • Video conference communication with the administrating authorities at mining sites;
  • Calculation of integral statistical indicators characterizing both the company activity and the industry on the whole (output at each site and for the company on the whole, comparison with targets and overall average values for similar sites located both in Russia and abroad);
  • Calculation of economic efficiency indicators, technological configuration (machines, mechanisms and human resources), logistics, and occupational safety;
  • Automated data acquisition for analysis of the bulk information of the coal mining industry on the whole and in the Russian Federation.
  • The functions of the Center can be divided into the three following directions:


The functions of the Center can be divided into the three following directions

This complex assumes simultaneous operation of several user groups both in the situation analysis center and those working in remote offices or by their mobile devices. A common information space is formed for all groups to enable both simultaneous retrieval of information and active participation in the process


The system geoinformation functions comprise visualization of cartographic information and displaying of combined information layers; thus specialists can retrieve the maximum level of realtime information for a displayed site. This system enables monitoring of vessels and ports, displaying of aircraft positions, as well as infrastructure facilities on the global map. Online video transmission from surveillance cameras enables operation monitoring of all remote facilities.


Functions are intended to simplify user interaction with the system providing a simple interface to control the information displayed on the video screen and create scenarios for changing maps and information layers with time reference. Such scenarios significantly save time during daily monitoring of the on-scene situation.