Aug. 4, 2017

VostokCoal: a new stage of work on the Taymyr Reninsula

News: Arctic Mining Company VostokCoal: a new stage of work on the Taymyr Reninsula
Development of the Malolemberovskoye coal deposits, discovery of new deposits

The Arctic Mining Company (AGK) starts the direct development of the Malolemberovskoye coal deposite within the framework of the obtained license for the exploration and production of mineral resources there. In accordance with the technical project, the company will be engaged in the development of a coal field under an operating license for 5 years - until 2021.

On August 3 AGK refused to further use the license for the right to use subsoil for geological study on the Malaya Lemberova River site in connection with the discovery of the deposit there and the receipt of an operational license.

At the same time, the company plans to start prospecting and appraisal work within the boundaries of neighboring licensed areas in order to identify new coal deposits and accelerate their development. This will be the next stage in the implementation of VostokСoal's strategic project to develop the Taibass - Taimyr coal basin and the creation in Russia of a new center for the extraction of high-quality coals.