April 21, 2019

Implementation of “Severomuisky Tunnel-2” Project Started

News: Severomuysky Tunnel-2 Implementation of “Severomuisky Tunnel-2” Project Started

Sibanthracite Group and VostokCoal Management company have initiated preparatory works for the construction of the second stage of Severomuysky tunnel — the Severomuysky Tunnel-2.

By order of Oleg Belozerov, General Director of Russian Railways, a joint working group for the implementation of the tunnel construction project was set up. It includes the heads of Russian Railways’ relevant departments and top managers of Sibanthracite and VostokCoal. The first meeting of the group was held on April, 11, and the key areas of work were outlined. Meetings of the working group will be held on a regular basis.

The  project  Severomuysky Tunnel-2 will be managed by VostokСoal. Pre-implementation work is already underway. As expected, the construction of the Severomuisky tunnel-2 will begin within a year and will take 5 years.

For reference: the Severomuysky tunnel-2 is one of the longest in Russia, its length will be 15 km. It will increase the throughput at this BAM section from 16 million tons to 100 million tons per year.

The commissioning of the Severomuysky Tunnel-2 will lead to the creation of about 3,000 new jobs in the next 2-3 years.