June 27, 2019

First contract signed for construction of Severomuysky Tunnel-2

News: Severomuysky Tunnel-2 First contract signed for construction of Severomuysky Tunnel-2

The Severomuysky Tunnel-2 project company has signed a contract with The Robbins Company (USA). The American company is to design a single- shield Crossover XRE tunnel boring machine (TBM) specifically for construction of the second Severomuysky tunnel. 

The parties also signed an agreement to have the Robbins Company produce and supply two of the designed Crossover XRE TBMs at a total cost of $74 million, with a production and delivery period of 10 months.

These TBMs will begin tunneling the 15-kilometer-long Severomuysky-2 from both sides of the track simultaneously.

The Сrossover TBM shield fitted for probe-drilling and lining tunnel walls, as well as earth handling, is unique equipment distinguished by high performance amid complicated geological conditions. It makes it possible to drill at sites that combine rocks, soft soils, boulders, etc. It is designed to work in extreme conditions, as found in fault zones or sites with inflows of groundwater.

“The Robbins Company’s equipment is used in the construction of the most complex tunnels in the world. It will enable us to build the new tunnel on the BAM at a rapid pace,” said Vadim Bugaev, General Director of the Severomuysky Tunnel-2 project company.


The Robbins Company (USA) is one of the world’s leaders in developing and manufacturing equipment for underground construction. The first foreign tunneling system in the Soviet Union was supplied by The Robbins Company in 1977 for the construction of the original Severomuysky transport and drainage tunnel.

Severomuysky Tunnel-2 is a project company founded by the Sibanthracite Group. The VostokCoal company is managing the tunnel’s construction.